So You're Buying a Home!...


And this is a very important step in the process. Don't buy a home without a professional home inspection!


Now you’re looking for an inspector.  Well, your search is over!  You have probably already asked your friends and co-workers if they knew of any home inspectors they have used and were happy with, and struck out.  Relying on the internet for your search can be a gamble.  Many times your realtor will have some referrals you can research.


One of the most common mistakes when searching for an inspector, is choosing an inspector based on price alone!  If you’re only concerned with price, you may want to ask yourself ‘Why do I want a Home Inspection?’ ‘Is it because I was told I need to get one?’  ‘Maybe I don’t really think it's really necesary.’  It might be a good idea to use the auto mechanic example; when searching for a mechanic, ‘Pick the cheapest one, they all get the job done right!….Right? 

Selling Your Home...


"You have the option, and can save yourself a lot of stress and headaches by selling your home ‘As-Is’.  Fixing items in a home you're leaving is the last thing you want to do.  You know there are things that need to be done, but just don’t have the time or money to do it.  Now you’re selling and those items still need to be done.  Don’t stress out over what might come up in the buyer’s inspection report.  Disclose everything you know about the property and sell as-is.  This will aid in keeping your emotions in check when you receive the buyer’s inspection report."


If you are planning on listing and selling your home in the Phoenix area, you may want to identify and address general maintenance concerns.  It’s best if that’s done by a disinterested third party that doesn’t have any emotional attachment to you or your home.



Meet John...


   My name is John Branham.  I have been performing Inspections since January of 2003.  I completed my Home Inspection training at Arizona Suntech in June of 2002.  


   My background prior to Home & Commercial Property Inspecting is in the Electrical Construction field.  I have 25 plus years in the field.  I got into the electrical field in early 1987 and became a licensed Electrical Contractor in the state of Arizona in 1997 until 2012.  My area of interest was in Commercial and Industrial electrical.  That being said, I have performed many various Residential projects from ground up Custom Homes to Home Warranty service calls.   


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